What's included in the course:

•Weekly one-on-one meditation
•Topic of the week
•Course materials covering meditation, mindfulness, chakras, kundalini, Self Realization, Liberation, and Enlightenment
•Be able to email me throughout the week
•Weekly Zen Koans to ponder deeply
•Possible homework or reading material
*There is no one way that works for everyone so I will be slightly altering the course based on what will work best for you

After you take the course:

•You will be able to meditate on your own
Apply the tools you learn to your daily life
•Be able to generate kundalini energy
•Be able to exist in higher states of mind
•Know useful meditation techniques
•Have a more holistic understanding about meditation, chakras, mindfulness, energy, and samadhi

You will be more conscious, happier, and become more free