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The world is a paradox. From birth we are taught to look outward, listen to our parents and teachers, read books to gain knowledge, look to others for help and validation, look to God and religion for the big questions. From the beginning we start off living and believing that we aren't enough and don't have enough. There's always something better around the corner- it's always somewhere else we need to get to. And we must then do all of these things to gain material successes to (hopefully) become happy and feel fulfilled. When in reality happiness is and always has been our nature. We never needed to do anything in order to be it other than look inside ourselves. It's so simple, but we need help to remember. The irony is that we are so programmed to look outward we need to train our minds to turn inward. We need to break down all of the old structures and barriers within our own minds so we can open ourselves up to what has always been there.

We are born into the world of Samsara, or the cycle of birth, life, and death. We are then told that that's life, that we are individuals, and the body and personality is who you are. That the world is a sensory world of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. They teach us all about their morals, wrongs from rights, sciences and religions. Most people subscribe to this paradigm and continue generation after generation, life after life passing down the same ideas to their children and thus the cycle continues. But then every so often, a different kind of soul comes into this world, and after a while they begin to question what they've been told, they begin to question the nature of reality itself, and then question themselves and who they are. They can sense and feel that there's more to this world than meets the eye. They want more.

Garden of Your Mind is for those who want to go beyond this world, beyond their minds, who want to penetrate deeper into the essence of the Universe itself, who ultimately crave freedom.

It's not about more ideas and concepts, it's not about another intellectual pursuit. It's way beyond that. Your mind can only take you so far. It's the difference between reading books about swimming, you can read as many books about swimming as you want but until you actually get into the water you can't truly know what it's like. So it's a visceral experience.

In the past the mystics, the Truth seekers of the world were always found in Ashrams and Monasteries. It's time to take that ancient wisdom and apply it to us here, now, in the modern world.

We will start with bi-weekly Satsang classes where you will learn how to formally meditate, be mindful, tap into higher states of consciousness, metaphysics, and so much more.


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