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Garden of Your Mind was created for the modern day mystic. The person who is part of modern day society but can also sense that there's more to this 3D reality than meets the eye. For the person who wants to delve into the depths of their own being to find freedom. Nothing is more transformative than the Source energy of the Universe, and you can learn to tap into it with your own will.  I have been fortunate enough to study and practice for a decade with real mystics who taught me how to tap into this energy and share it with others.

Garden of Your Mind is more than a means to overcoming stress and anxiety- it's an esoteric practice that if continued aids you for a lifetime. The meditation you will learn is called Zazen, a Zen term meaning to sit and directly tap into and experience the Source. The more you coalesce with this energy, the easier it becomes to quiet the mind, the more quiet the mind becomes, the more wisdom fills you up and that wisdom transforms you. Thus the more conscious you become, and that consciousness reflects out and from you in all different ways spreading throughout your life. This formal meditation practice paired with a couple other tools can take you all the way into Self Realization. (But remember that's just a way of talking about something that is impossible to talk about.)

The truth is that the world we perceive to be around us is a projection of the mind. Humans have become increasingly more conditioned to depend on external sources for answers and guidance, and lost touch with the inner knowledge we all hold. What we are doing in meditation is getting back to who and what we truly are. Because we are born into such a conditioned society, we have to remind each other how to tap back into ourselves. With my Satsang classes, I will act as the telephone line for you to re-connect with yourself, and to rapidly speed up the process of dissolving the false ideas held. Once you begin to activate the dormant parts of you, your whole life can be transformed. Then there are ways you can re-structure your mind to aid you in getting where you want to go.

It's not about more ideas and concepts, it's not about another intellectual pursuit. It's way beyond that. Your mind can only take you so far. It's the difference between reading books about swimming, you can read as many books about swimming as you want but until you actually get into the water you can't truly know what it's like. So it's a visceral experience.

In the past the mystics, the Truth seekers of the world were always found in Ashrams and Monasteries. It's time to take that ancient wisdom and apply it to us here, now, in the modern world. Welcome to modern day mysticism.

We will start with bi-weekly Satsang classes where you will learn how to formally meditate, be mindful, tap into higher states of consciousness, increase your energy, metaphysics, and so much more.

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