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About Me

I was born in October of 1991 in Glendale, CA. When I was a week old my family moved from California to Arizona where I grew up. My father was out of the picture so it was just my mother and I. We lived together with my grandparents for the first few years until she moved us out on our own when I was about 7. Since my mother had to work full-time I grew up feeling very alone. My family came from a Christian background and put me in a Seventh-Day-Adventist school in second grade because I had previously been bullied in public school. During my younger school years I started realizing what dogma was because children from my school (who went to church on Saturdays) would tell me that I was going to 'hell' because my family went to church on Sundays. Thankfully by age 10 I found and began listening to a lot of rock and roll, which I believe helped me get through adolescence. I noticed there was always so much fear rooted in the various Christian religions and how I was raised. I remember when I was a child being told that demons and evil things would get me if I watched something 'bad' on TV. The fear from the church plus the neglect I was exposed to created a lot of fear inside me. Thankfully once I hit my teenage years that fear started to dissolve and wasn't mine to hold onto any longer. I switched from vying for my mothers love to loving and embracing solitude. It gave me an invaluable ability to master aloneness thus becoming independent and self-reliant. By highschool, my mother and I's relationship got significantly worse and I left home at 17. I still struggled with the concept of God and religion, but I knew I couldn't ask anyone around me since they all believed in something I knew wasn't the ultimate truth.

It wasn't until I was 19 that I lost someone close to me, and it caused me to become deeply depressed, not because of the loss itself, but because I realized at that time I had no idea what happens after death, and I couldn't continue on if that was all there was to life. Well, I had a near death experience during that time that made me realize I wasn't actually ready to leave yet. That person who had a near death experience did die that day and after that I truly began to step inside myself. I began to realize that up until then everything I thought I knew were just borrowed ideas from others.

A wonderful woman who was a psychic medium came to me then and was kind enough to share some of her wisdom with me; that was my gate way drug into metaphysics and psychic phenomena. I started to perceive more things in the astral and continued searching for deeper understanding. I moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and that's when my first meditation teacher came into my life. He taught me the formal practice of Zazen and how to tap into higher states of consciousness and showed me dimensions beyond the astral. I've continued to practice every day since. The clarity I began to see and experience has completely transformed every aspect of my life in every possible way, and continues to, for the better. To me, there's nothing else to do except use this life to become progressively more conscious, and now, to show others how they can do the same. When we coalesce with the Source we gain wisdom, balance, strength, clarity,  happiness, peace, ecstasy, bliss, until eventually becoming Self Realized and Liberated. But even more importantly, it's what we get rid of that changes us. We learn to get rid of all the false ideas about ourselves and others, of the world, our mundane fears, of the egotistical behavior that only limits our being. The only journey that will truly change someone's being, life, karma, is that journey on the inside, and once you take that first step everything outside of you changes- finally things begin to make sense.

In Zen my spiritual title is Kensho Rōshi. I've studied most pathways that lead to Enlightenment but currently enjoying Zen Buddhism.

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